Who Are You Wrapping Your Arms Around?

The Reason why we are still here after 15 years in Battle Ground is because we GET RESULTS. In getting results we help people to get on with their lives. They are able to WRAP THEIR ARMS around the ones they love.

The first part of our examination involves watching how a person is moving. Peoples posture is a window into the health of the entire body. As one of my 90 year old friends states “you are only as young as your joints.” IF you are 16 or 60 when your joints hurt on a daily basis it makes you feel old.

While I have never claimed that I can make all joint problems better. I do know that 87% of the time people get better with proper chiropractic adjustments. Here are a few of the health problems we see on a daily basis:

Balance problems
Low back pain
Numbness and tingling
Weakness in the legs or arms
Ear infections
Weight problems

The mission of our team is to teach our community to Eat well, Think well, And Move well. Everybody on the team here trains on a weekly basis to be able to help you. If you have any questions about staying healthy over the holidays give us a call. Watch your mailbox for upcoming health programs.

Dr. Maxwell