Stories of Transformation: A Book Review

Did you know Dr. Max has a story published in a book we offer to patients in our office?

“Stories of Transformation” compiled by Steven E. and Lee Beard

Dr. Max has mentioned to me to pick up this book that is in our office (its readily available, so I should have no excuses) and read his story in it. I finally picked up the book this week and I wish I would have sooner.

This book is a compilation of stories written by chiropractors, doctors and other inspirational leaders from around the nation. I currently have only read his story but I am anxious to read others in the book.

I have heard the story Dr. Max had written about many times but reading it put everything in a different perspective for me about how passionate Dr. Max is about the work he does with patients and our community. He has this drive to help others safely and naturally heal our bodies from within ourselves through chiropractic and wellness education.

The story tells us how at such a young age his experience with medical professionals regarding his health eventually came to a point where they could no longer give him answers of why his body was doing the things it had been even after continually taking the medications that were prescribed to him. He goes on to discuss the decision he made to see a chiropractor and how his life and health began to change in a positive and uplifting way.

I definitely encourage others to read not only his story but others in this book! It is available in our office for no charge and we have plenty of copies for everyone!