Spinal Care Class to be held Wednesday January 9, 2013 at 5:30PM. Free, informative event here at the office.


Community Wellness Day

Hello, Please allow me to introduce myself; my name is Maxwell Synsvoll DC and I am the host of Community wellness Day here in Battle Ground.
Our town is excited to be participating in COMMUNITY WELLNESS DAY on May 11, 2013 between 12-3. This is an international event focusing on educating members of our community concerning important information critical to the total wellness for all of our residents.
We will be sharing in an array of information on health, Safety and environmental and financial wellness. This event will be taking place in many cities throughout the North America and Australia during a 4 week period in the spring of 2013. Our Political leaders will be recognizing this as an important day in our community to empower people to take back respnsibility for their family’s well being.
Local Law enforcement will be on hand to provide important I.D. information for children and seniors, and the local fire department will be providing fire prevention and safety information.
Many other programs will be available, such as car safety, Bicycle safety, internet safety and identity fraud protection, as well as financial literacy. Health screenings are being offered, along with Drug and alcohol awareness information and much more.
So regardless of your age there will be plenty of information, entertainment, and refreshments available for all.
Don’t miss this oppurtunity to enjoy a great informative occasion. Admission will be free. We encourage everyone to come on out; bring there family and have a great time!
This community Wellness Day benefits the North Clark County Food Bank.
Maxwell Synsvoll DC