Gummy Bear Cholesterol Medication for Kids?

gummy-bearYes you read that right. The pharmaceutical companies are now rolling out Gummy bears with cholesterol medication in them.

Why would they do such a thing? America’s kids are overweight and suffering from health problems that used to be only seen in adults who were consuming to many calories stressed and not exercising.

Cholesterol lowering medications work by attacking the livers Ability to produce cholesterol. Cholesterol is needed for proper brain and hormone development. I have seen patients who were placed on cholesterol medications who could no longer balance their check book after being placed on the medication. As soon as they stopped they went back to normal.

Yes, you are lowering the risk of a heart attack slightly in men. But, I would rather have my strength, Brain and vitality.

The majority of patients who consult me for advice have gotten Ill From physical stress, Chemical stress or mental emotional stresses.

Chiropractic adjustments lower physical stress,Cause a release of healthy chemicals, And lower mental emotional stress. This happens because movement of the spine directly affects brain activity.

Until next time. Watch out for Gummy bears.