Are You An Expert At Neuropathy?

Letter from Doctor Maxwell Synsvoll

Are you an expert at neuropathy?

Our Facebook (link) page has had some posts come in about this over the last few weeks.

Here in Battleground, Washington, I have successfully helped hundreds of people with this over the last 10 years.

This condition is typically characterized by numbness and tingling in the arms, hands, fingers and legs feet and toes. Sometimes there is pain with it and restless legs. Balance problems may start and most people are told that it will get worse and to learn to live with it. Causes can be diabetes, chemotherapy and radiation and or other chemical exposures.

I consult with a lot of people who have it as a result of taking statin medications. Statins are typically used to reduce cholesterol levels and they also destroy the coverings of the nerve endings. Most patients I work with can reverse their symptoms in as little as one month.

As chiropractors we are uniquely positioned to help these conditions without the use of drugs. Because of our unique training working with the spine and all of the nerves. I have yet to find a patient with this condition that did not also have a related spinal problem. Often there are bones out of place in the feet which begin to rub together causing inflammation, lack of blood flow and lead to all of the classic symptoms of neuropathy. The biggest challenge from a patient stand point is trusting your body to heal and giving it the opportunity to heal. There are only three causes of neuropathy. Physical, chemical, mental and or emotional.

At Synsvoll Chiropractic we love to enthusiastically inspire the families in our community to eat well, think well, move well and be well. I look forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming dynamic dinner programs!
Maxwell Synsvoll BS D.C.